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Phoenix Repossession has been repossessing in the Phoenix Area since 2003. You can count on Phoenix Repossession to provide the lowest pricing and best in customer service. Members of the Phoenix Repossession Team have in excess of 20 years towing service and auto repossession experience. Professionalism is the key word. Customer Service is paramount. Our goal is rapid, intelligent 24-hour state wide repossession services.

If you have a Auto repossession service that needs to be performed, you can trust Phoenix Repossession to get the job done for you. Dealer repossession, private party repossession or lending institution repossession; Phoenix Repossession can handle them all. Call us today to discuss your repossession needs. I'm sure you will find the staff at Phoenix Repossession more than willing to answer any questions that you may have regarding repossession laws, repossession situations or any other Repossession related questions that you might have.

Phoenix Repossession offers a wide variety of towing related services including, car towing, truck and motorcycle towing, roadside assistance (flat tire changes, lock outs, fuel deliveries and jumpstarts), free junk car and abandoned vehicle removal, auto repossession, collateral recovery and vehicle impound services all at the lowest prices. Phoenix Repossession removes unwanted, illegally parked and abandoned vehicles legally.


Repossessing Service
Particularly when the economy is in the doldrums, there are few businesses that have more work than a repossessing service. There are a number of different kinds of companies where repossessing is a necessary part of their day to day work. If you go to a payday loan company, for example, and they ask for the title to your car as collateral, this means that they are agreeing to lend you money at a certain interest rate, and if you don't pay them back in full, they will take your car by hiring a repo man. Automobile towing companies often serve this dual role because they are set up to move vehicles. Lenders like vehicles as collateral because they are easier to repossess. However, repossession occurs with homes as well. If you bought a house with debt from the lender at your bank, and you suddenly can't afford the payments, the bank will ultimately send a claim form for details of a hearing at your local county court. Here, a solicitor for the bank and a judge will listen to your proposal for making up lost payments (hopefully with the help of a lawyer). If the judge and lender agent agree that you should be evicted, the bank can then foreclose on your mortgage. This process allows the lien holder (the bank) to repossess the asset you borrowed money to purchase, and hopefully sell it at a high enough price to recover what they lent. For homes, a repo man will show up to escort you off the premises, often with a local sheriff. You no longer own your home, your credit will be damaged, and you might even have to file for bankruptcy. But in the end, the repossessing service is just doing what it's paid to do.

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